About Us

Smith Brandenburg Ltd. (SBL), practices in the areas of intellectual property, corporate/business law and personal injury law.  Formed in 1995, SBL was established by individuals with decades of real-world business and engineering/scientific experience and who, as attorneys, promote and add-value to today’s rapidly evolving technologies.

In order to best serve our clients’ total needs, SBL has established relationships with intellectual property firms outside the United States as well as with firms having complementary capabilities, e.g. firms with large corporate litigation sections.  This enables SBL to render superior comprehensive service and the highest quality of work at an affordable rate. 

SBL attorneys and technical consultants have varied backgrounds and experiences including technical degrees in engineering, manufacturing, robotics, software, biology, chemistry, and medicine.  Our attorneys have drafted patent applications relating to biotechnology and medical devices, chemistry, materials, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, robotics, software, aircraft engine hardware and systems, and mechanical and electrical devices.

SBL attorneys have concentrated their practice for providing services to individuals, start-up businesses and small to medium size companies with regard to business/corporate agreements and documents, corporate compliance and in all areas of intellectual property.  The experience and knowledge gained by SBL attorneys in intellectual property and general counsel roles, as well as having created a number of new start-up technology-based and/or product-based businesses, are unique and otherwise generally unattainable other than by hands-on experience.  Such experience and knowledge allow SBL to better assist clients in developing the best approach to protect and commercialize their ideas.



SBL attorneys provide each client with regular updates on all relevant and important matters.  Our clients appreciate our accurate and fair billing system, whereby each client receives an itemized printout of time and expenses incurred on their behalf, so there are no surprises or unexplained charges.

We also provide clients with Not-To-Exceed cost estimates for legal services.   Because of our low overhead, costs, such as for preparing patent applications, are typically well below the fees charged by large and high overhead law firms.  Because of our Not-To-Exceed cost estimates, a client will not be surprised by costs that significantly exceed estimates.  Further, SBL believes that a client should be able to contact their attorney if they have an issue.  Accordingly, SBL attorneys will be happy to discuss an issue by telephone with a client without charge**.

** SBL will not charge a client for telephone conversations of less than 30 minutes with regard to a legal matter.